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Update 0.1

By deanemaster OWNER - Posted Sep 12, 17

MasterNetwork Update 0.1 (September 12th)

  • Updated command and GUI /FAQ
  • Added /Discord command
  • Added Head Merchent so players can buy custom heads - /warp heads
  • Added Heirloom tools at /warp heirloom
  • Renamed the jobs "Weaponsmith" to "Blacksmith" and "Brewer" to "Alchemist"
  • Added new world for resource gathering (Resource World) /warp resource /warp RW
  • Added ChatReactions
  • Added /rp command so players can use Sphax ResourcePack
  • Added VoteParty (every 100 votes for voteparty)
  • Added server shop /warp shop (WIP)
  • Added Fishing Contest with custom fish
  • Added Custom Achievements
  • New Spawn!
  • Many other things.....