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Server Update

deanemaster OWNER posted Feb 4, 18

MasterNetwork server has been updated.

We have reset all worlds, player balances, items, etc.

Update 0.2

deanemaster OWNER posted Oct 1, 17

MasterNetwork Update 0.2 (October 1st, 2017)

* Updated Website URL to
* Updated Server IP to
* Made changes to Jobs Plugin
* You can now vote 8 times
* Finished /warp shop
* Other small changes...

Update 0.1

deanemaster OWNER posted Sep 12, 17

MasterNetwork Update 0.1 (September 12th)

  • Updated command and GUI /FAQ
  • Added /Discord command
  • Added Head Merchent so players can buy custom heads - /warp heads
  • Added Heirloom tools at /warp heirloom
  • Renamed the jobs "Weaponsmith" to "Blacksmith" and "Brewer" to "Alchemist"
  • Added new world for resource gathering (Resource World) /warp resource /warp RW
  • Added ChatReactions
  • Added /rp command so players can use Sphax ResourcePack
  • Added VoteParty (every 100 votes for voteparty)
  • Added server shop /warp shop (WIP)
  • Added Fishing Contest with custom fish
  • Added Custom Achievements
  • New Spawn!
  • Many other things.....